Client testimonials

“Couldn't ask for more - knowledgeable, approachable and genuinely always looking to help. Thank you.”
“Thanks for taking all the stress out of my tax this year!”
“Caroline is proactive, knowledgeable, and fun! The best accountant we've ever had.”
“I think you’re marvellous and know I’m in extremely safe and capable hands.”
Last year I received the much-dreaded investigation notice from HMRC - it felt like the ground had disappeared from beneath my feet! The year being scrutinised had been filed by a previous accountant as I had only been with Caroline for a year. Caroline organised a call with me immediately and reassured me that we would be able to provide all the documents the HMRC had requested within their deadlines. Speaking with her was like having a therapy session for free 🙂 I felt so much more confident knowing I had Caroline acting on my behalf - she was knowledgeable, empathetic and answered all my questions calmly while I was tearing my hair out and panicking. The process took much longer than expected with caseworker changes and further document requests. Caroline handled all communication efficiently and regularly followed up for updates which were shared with me. It was such a stressful time but I never felt like I was alone or didn't know what to do. I’m so relieved to say the case is finally closed thanks to my fantastic accountant who genuinely cares about you and your business! I would recommend Caroline over and over again to anyone looking for an accountant 🙂
"If anyone is thinking of working with Caroline. I would 2000% recommend it. I’m slowly but surely growing confident whilst learning about numbers the right way so I can build and grow my business! Caroline’s wealth of knowledge, expertise, patience, is out of this world. I’m just getting started with her! I cannot thank you enough".
“Working with Caroline is the best thing I did for my business. Over the last couple of years she has helped me to feel so much more comfortable with my finances and managing them. I have never met an accountant quite like her and I recommend her to everyone. All business owners should have someone like Caroline in their world, she's calm, non-judgemental and so knowledgeable.”
"Caroline has changed my life! The funky accountant has changed the way I see figures and I’m excited. Caroline is so supportive, kind and patient and I value her thoughts and ideas as to how to grow my business. Couldn’t live without her!"
"As my family relocated to the UK, my husband and I were looking for an accountant to do our tax returns and assist with my self-employment accounts. After speaking to a few candidates, we chose Caroline as hands down the most sensible, clear, approachable and reasonable accountant. I feel like we’re on the same team and she is invested in working out the best solution for us. She’s on top of our tax obligations, makes everything run smoothly, gives helpful advice and is a great communicator. Thanks Caroline!".
"Caroline is genuinely the best accountant I’ve ever worked with. She made the transition from moving from a previous accountant to herself so smoothly and I only wished I’d found her sooner! She goes out of her way to help you, going above and beyond to make sure you fully understand what’s needed and why. She is so knowledgeable and has recommended a system which makes my documenting of receipts and invoices so much simpler. I wished I’d known of this years ago! Not only has she got my taxes organised, she’s so supportive of my work and has created a great community of people. We are all now connected and learn from each other. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Caroline."
“Caroline has been my accountant for 2 years now, she helped me to switch from a sole trader to a Limited company. Working with Caroline has actually made me more disciplined with money...and I now leave a chunk of money in the business account as I just take my agreed salary a month and then any additional payments throughout the month if I need them, as interim dividends. Previously I was using my business account as my current account, so using my debit card and transferring pretty much everything I got paid into my joint account. Viewing my income as the business income, not my personal income was tricky at first...I now view it as the businesses money and only draw what I actually need to draw. This took some getting used to really but Caroline made it pretty straight forward and it was reassuring to know that she was on hand to ask any questions that I had.”
“I can't thank Caroline enough. She took over my accounts from my previous accountant and she is just brilliant! After having an accountant who was disorganised and who I had to remind for deadlines, it is such a relief and a massive weight off my shoulder to now have Caroline. To say she is on the ball is an understatement. Caroline has helped me loads with my Limited Company, offering help and advice where needed, and constantly being on hand to answer any questions I have. She made the transition so easy, I only wish I met her sooner. Not only is she professional and super-efficient but she is so easy to talk to. I would recommend Caroline to anyone!”
“I had experienced a terrible time with my previous accountant who had totally confused me and led my accounts into absolute disarray. My best friend had raved on about her accountant so I set up a call with Caroline and I've never looked back. I would say I was technically challenged in the numbers department but Caroline has been nothing but kind and helpful to straighten my accounts up. My confidence is definitely growing as the month's go on and I can't thank Caroline enough for her support. If I have any queries or general questions, I can just pick up the phone or email her. Caroline is knowledgeable, approachable, honest and I trust her completely!”
"I was stressing about my accounts not being done, but was feeling overwhelmed and put off by the different bits of information I needed to pull together for the report to be done. I was putting it off and off but one half hour zoom call with Caroline, we shared screens and did it together, all done in 30 minutes, stress over :)”
"It's so great to see Caroline working tirelessly to ensure her clients are happy. I know full well I could send an email, or book a Zoom call whenever I need help, and she will do anything she can to give me an answer/find me an answer. It's really great to have so much support from my accountant, as I'm growing and changing my business. Thank you so much Caroline and Team, you really are wonderful."
“Caroline Boardman Consulting has recently taken over all accountancy and tax matters relating to my limited company. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. I can feel completely at ease that this side of my business is now efficiently and effectively taken care of. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an accountant for their business. Thank you Caroline!”
"I don't know what I would do without Caroline. She is patient, friendly and worth her weight in gold to my business."
“ Caroline has been a life saver the past few weeks.
I thought I would survive without an accountant but after 18 months I reached out to Caroline who I now wished I had got in contact with a lot sooner.”
"Caroline is brilliant. She’s responsive, practical and helps you feel like your finances are under control.
I would not hesitate to recommend her. She’s fab!"
“I absolutely hate doing my accounts. Every time I submit my tax return I could literally cry! But since meeting Caroline, it's been easier. Caroline is amazing, she talks you through everything in a way that is super easy to understand. This year, I have realised that I just need to let her do it for me, there is no need to put myself through the mill every year just to submit a form. I can't believe I didn't let her do it sooner. I am happy to say that my accounts don't give me nightmares anymore - finally!”
“Caroline is a proactive accountant and provided me great advice from day one. She is very approachable, friendly and quick to respond any time I need support or answers to my queries. Her knowledge goes far beyond accounting and taxation, which means Caroline can give me actionable advice to use within my business. CBC = Five stars service!!”
"Caroline is so approachable and reassuring, I know my accounts are in very good hands. She also keeps her clients up to date with all of the latest information and legislation - particularly important during everything that has happened in 2020! I would highly recommend her to any small business owner."
“Caroline is an excellent accountant! She’s very friendly and approachable - nothing is too much trouble for her and she keeps you informed of all tax issues which has been brilliant during the Covid-19 outbreak. Her monthly newsletter is very informative too! I trust her fully on doing my tax which allows me to get on with my illustration business.Caroline is not only efficient and great at her job but she is also an incredibly kind and lovely person. I'm so pleased she'll be looking after my accounts, I know they will be in good hands.”
“I’ve been in business for two years now and accounting is the one thing that fills me with dread and so I put off doing anything about it. To say it’s been a relief finding Caroline is a massive understatement! She has taken such a weight off my mind, and reduced my tax bill in the process. She is so patient, understanding (particularly of the juggle of being self employed with small children!) and knowledgeable. I just wish I’d found her sooner.”
Gemma Sykes
Love Governance
"Caroline helped me a lot with my limited company. Very good communication, good advice and friendly. I am glad I met her! ".
“Caroline is not only efficient and great at her job but she is also an incredibly kind and lovely person. I'm so pleased she'll be looking after my accounts, I know they will be in good hands.”
"Caroline has been a life saver and has totally restored my faith in accountants. She takes all the jobs away that I find difficult, gives me no nonsense instructions of what she needs from me, and understands that whilst I don't naturally understand all financial lingo, I really want to make sure that I am all above board and on time with my finances. I feel very safe in her hands and ultimately that makes me feel relaxed and able to do more of what I am good at; which is baking (not spreadsheets!)".
"What a God send Caroline is! I have had 2 previous Accountants that were soulless, very unprofessional and were only interested in getting the monthly fee, but with Caroline it is like a breath of fresh air. She makes you feel that you and your Business are so important and gives you confidence your financial matters are being perfectly managed, and I can assure you they are! Caroline is so vigilant, she spotted a mistake made by my previous Accountant and has taken the time and effort to ensure it has been corrected giving me total confidence in her and confirming what I knew all along, that she is the best. Caroline is so knowledgeable and takes the time to explain to ensure you understand the latest position. Any queries I have raised have been met with a positive result. My only regret is that I didn't meet Caroline years ago and would not hesitate to recommend her."
Lynne Hill
Hill Project Management
"I was very fortunate to have found Caroline Boardman Consulting Ltd as my accountant in January 2019 for my sole trader picture/poster art business, Statement Artworks. Within the very short time of contacting Caroline about my looming January 2019 self-assessment tax submission, she came to visit me and gave me helpful advice which I greatly appreciated and then offered further advice on what to put together for the following year’s submission; timetabling a handover date in good time before the next submission date which helped me to be confident of the tax amount payable and also to be prepared for the amount due. Caroline’s knowledge and advice is excellent and she takes the anxiety out of the whole tax recording process with her calmness and uplifting approach. I feel that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders since using Caroline Boardman Consulting Limited".
"I found Caroline after becoming exasperated with my previous accountant who had been disorganized, unprofessional and unfortunately a bit of a nightmare. As a small business and with a young family I needed someone I could rely on to do my accounts, deal with maternity pay etc. Caroline has been a dream to work with! I only wish I’d found her sooner. She’s super organised, knowledgeable, incredibly efficient, understanding and as a bonus - really lovely too! She’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, so much so that my husband has recently started to employ her as his accountant too. I really can’t recommend Caroline highly enough".
"Every small business needs a Caroline! She keeps me in check with expenses and advises on Tax policies at the right times in the year - her knowledge is second to none. She advised me on my options for how to manage my business and helped me to set up my Ltd Company from scratch - something that I would of found very daunting on my own, she put me at ease and made the whole process very easy. I have confidence that she is on top of things and will let me know if I need to do something. She is always friendly and available to contact which gives me peace of mind - all of this is particularly amazing when you consider we have never met in person! But I truly feel she cares about the financial health of my business and I trust her implicitly".
"I am so grateful I found Caroline, an accountant who totally understood what my business was, my position as a working mum, my financial limitations and my lack of accounting know how....she just got it and we clicked. I have felt supported and championed in my first 6 months of 'going it alone' and that is something you can't put a value on".
"I'm a small business - new to it all and juggling home & children. Caroline has been so patient & understanding and just taken me through everything step by step. She solved a tax issue like magic and has already sorted next years tax return (6 months in advance!). I massively appreciate Caroline's help and can't recommend her highly enough!"
"Caroline you are an amazing lady with a lot of patience! I have been doing my own accounts (badly!) for 5 years. I cannot believe how much easier you've made life
- thank you!"
Caroline has been my accountant for several years. As someone who is self-employed, she makes it easy and straight forward for me. She is reliable, quick to respond and is available anytime to answer any query I have. She is extremely professional and gives me great piece of mind.
Victoria Taylor
Freelance Film Industry Professional
Caroline Boardman has done my Sole Trader accounts for a number of years and is both professional and friendly. I highly recommend her to any trades people looking for support with their accounts and finances.
Anthony Long
A.S.L Joinery Services