5 reasons coaches are great for small business owners

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1. Calmness

A good coach will be able to see things you don’t when you are in chaos and overwhelm. They will ask the questions that make you think a little differently and lead you to make decisions yourself once you’ve unravelled the thoughts by talking it all through, resulting in a calm state to follow your dreams.

2. Organisation

A coach will help you to sort your thoughts and ideas into a plan of action and help you to get organised so that you can do what you want and need to to move onwards and upwards in your business.

3. Accountability

Coaches help you to make sure you follow through and do the things you say you will do. All the coaches that I’ve worked with have established what you want in the first session and summarised everything discussed and decided after each session too. Of course it is ultimately up to you whether you go ahead with what you plan to, but they are great accountability partners.

4. Courage

A great coach with believe in you and help you to believe in yourself. I’ve lost count of the amount of times that I’ve said “I can’t do that because” and a coach has asked all the right questions to assure me otherwise and give me to courage to go for it!

5. Happy life

The 3 coaches that I’ve worked with over the last few years really do practice what they preach. They live life to the fullest and run their businesses in alignment with their values. This is what has drawn me to them. My most recent coach, Helen Calvert also has a podcast called The No Bullsh*t Guide to a Happier Life so I needn’t say anymore!

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