5 reasons why you should see accountants and bookkeepers as an investment in (and not a cost to!) your business

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1. They will help get your accounts and tax return right. Note I am not saying they will save you tax. If you are overpaying tax then absolutely they will correct that for you. If there are reductions to be claimed then again they will tell you about them but the important thing is, we will get it right.

2. They have a ready-made business network (their other clients). They can introduce you to other small business owners who may in turn become your clients or support you in your business.

3. They can help with your pricing structure. Accountants and bookkeepers are also great business advisors; firstly they are running their own business so understand the highs and lows and we can use our finance expertise and experience to advise on your pricing methods and models. My bookkeeper quickly identified which clients were on the old lower pricing packages after a few months working for me and this has set me up in a good position to update my packages for 2023. Thanks @eleven accounts

4. They can set you up properly and train you to use accounting software… which can provide meaningful reports for decision making, save time and lead to making more profit in various ways.

5. They can teach you a system to manage your cashflow, meaning if you stick to it… there will be no more surprise tax bills, you will kill the overspending and best bit… it will ensure you get a wage from the business.

This is only 5 reasons, there are so many more! What benefits have you found invaluable since getting an accountant and / or bookkeeper?

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