Working with me is a partnership

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  • 2 mins read

When I’m your accountant, we work together to get your accounts and taxes right. Working with me is a partnership.

I am not your superior and you are not mine.

I will help you to feel more confident with your accounts, there will be no surprise tax bills, you will be shown how to manage your cash in a really simple way, pay yourself, control your expenses and even get your pricing right.

However, in return you have to understand that we are working together and you will have responsibilities too; it’s your business and you absolutely have to care about your finances.

Occasionally, a client signs up to work with me and tries to treat me like an employee, who needs to earn their trust and who is answerable to them but there’s no two-way relationship. This isn’t going to work with me. My boundaries won’t allow it.

I’ve also had clients who are bored / scared / uninterested in looking at their finances. They treat me as their superior or a saviour who is going to take financial responsibility for this business and worry about disappointing me or feel like they can’t ask “silly” questions. THERE ARE NO SILLY QUESTIONS, only opportunities to learn more about your finances, accounts and tax. This is only possible if you understand from day 1 that we are equals.

Look at me as a finance partner for your business. You are the CEO and I’m the CFO, effectively.

Watch this space for customer success contracts for all of my clients, coming soon.