7 ways CBC could be a good fit

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7 ways to discover whether CBC is a good fit for your business

When you are looking at starting any kind of business relationship, you should do your research to find out whether you will be a good fit, finding your accountant should be no different.

Here’s 7 ways to discover whether CBC is a good fit for your business.

1. Check me out on LinkedIn… look at my qualifications, experience and what people say about me, and of course, read my articles and engage with some of my posts, I always respond.



2. Visit my website. See if our values are aligned and find out a bit more about me and what I do and definitely spend some time on the testimonials page, see what my lovely clients say about me and how I’ve helped them. Reach out to them and ask about me too, links to all of their websites and social pages are on the testimonials page.



3. Send me an email with some information about you and your business: what you do, where you are based, what software you use, what kind of set up you have and if I know another accountant in my network will work better for you, I’ll tell you about them! I have great relationships with the “competition” and we do refer clients on to each other if we feel the fit will be better.



4. Visit my Facebook page and check out my regular posts and free training events. If you are in any FB groups with me, look out for my advice when people ask accountancy and tax related questions.



5. Sign up to my newsletter and take 5 minutes to read it when it arrives. I love putting them together. You’ll get a regular one every 3 months and then ad hoc ones with relevant information like the Chancellor’s budget updates, other relevant changes to the tax system and when new business support is released.



6. Follow me on Instagram. Check out my grid and have a look at my stories, especially the lovely feedback section from some of my influencer clients.



7. If you aren’t sure if you want to commit to the full cost of an accountant, book in for a one off 1:1 session to pick my brain and see if that’s all you need to feel comfortable about knowing what you are doing with your accounts and tax at the moment.


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