My top 5 money management tips.

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There are lots of effective ways to manage your money, so what better way to step into 2022 than having a think about my top 5 money management tips, shared with you here is a short article.

1. Have a structured way to manage your cash. 

The system that I teach is developed from the “Profit First” method of managing the cash in your business, and adapted for UK small businesses.

Have spaces or pots in either your Starling or Mettle business bank account and call them:

1. Operating expenses

2. Wages

3. Save for tax / HMRC

4. Profit for bonus.

Work out what %s work for you… recommended for growing UK small businesses is 30% operating expenses, 50% wages, 15% tax, 5% Profit (for a quarterly bonus).

Book recommendation “Profit First” by Mike Michalowicz.

2. Work out what your money blocks are.

There are LOADS of personal development books on this topics, Instagram accounts to follow and coaches to work with who specialise in money mindset… the first step to sorting out your money mindset is figuring out where your blocks are, admitting them and being ready to move forward.

Book recommendation Wealthology by Michelle Lowbridge.

Insta account recommendation Sara Maxwell Wealth Manager.

3. Think of money as energy flow.

Work out whether you are making “happy money”?

I read “Happy Money” recently and it really resonated with me.

It’s all about the energy that money holds. If you enjoy your work and the people you sell to love the products you sell or services you provide and hand over their money happily then the money is full of good energy. The same applies when you spend money. So the opposite applies…. if someone isn’t happy with the product or service and pay reluctantly thus brings with it negative energy.

Recommended read “Happy Money” by Ken Honda.

4. Use the 50/30/20 method for your personal finances…

50% for needs, 30% for wants, 20% in to savings

Recommended reads

Book…. All your worth: the ultimate lifetime money plan by Elizabeth Warren.


5. Work out what you need to earn based on the %s and start making the money you need to live the life you want (without relying on credit cards and getting into debt).


If you need £2,000 per month for bills and essentials then your net income each month should be £4,000.

You will then have £800 to put into savings and £1,200 to spend on whatever you want (clothes, holidays, days and nights out… whatever you enjoy spending on).

If you are self employed then that £4,000 per month should come from the wages pot… 50%, remember?… so this means your income (or Gross Profit if you have “Cost of Sales”) needs to be £8,000 per month.

If you are employed your monthly net pay needs to be £4,000, you can achieve this from a £68,000 salary.

If you are ready to get your business finances in order for 2022, send me an email and request to join my 2022 waiting list. 

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